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April 02, 2006

What a March

During the last month there have been quite a few events. In the beginning of March, there was the BlackHat Europe in Amsterdam. The list of speakers was quite prominent. Before BlackHat started, I also met Dragos who was on holiday together with the organizing team of the EUSecWest that just took place a week before in London.

A week later, I was invited to speak at a very small, but very nice event in Coimbra, Portugal. This event was called 'Wireless Meeting 2006 (WiMe2006)' and already took place once before in 2005. I was very pleased by the student organizers who also got me a translator so that I could understand the other talks that were mainly held in portuguese. At this event, I also had the pleasure to meet the people of a very ambitious project with the goal to globally share broadband Internet access within a community. Even Google was investing quite
a bit of money in this project. Go to their homepage at www.fon.com and start sharing your Internet connection today. I did it already.

The week after Portugal, I have been invited to participate a meeting of Anti-Virus software manufacturers in Germany where I had the chance to talk to a bunch of interesting people and hear their opinion on Bluetooth.

Finally, Adam, Marcel and I spoke at WebSec 2006 in London.
When coming back from London, I visited Hangar-7 where the Red-Bull Owner Dieter Mateschitz keeps his private aviation and Formula 1 collection. This place is definitely worth seeing. If you ever happen to come to Salzburg, this is a must-see (and is is even for free). Co-incidentally, I met an old friend who happens to work at Hangar-7 as a mechanic. He even gave me the full tour including the garage that the average visitor does not happen to see. It is unbelievable how many expensive toys you find in this place (there are pictures (soon)).

Originally, there was the plan to also speak at MEITSEC in Dubai. This would have been right in between the Portugal and the Germany events and I am honestly glad that this got postponed to December.

The slides of the talks will sooner or later appear in the trifinite.download section and pictures of (most of) the places can be found on the trifinite.album page can be found.

At the very moment, I am on my way to Vancouver where CanSecWest will take place. After a week of partying with the CanSec crowd, I am very happy to kick back and relax in the beautiful city of Vancouver until the beginning of may.

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