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December 06, 2005

Data Retention Petition Closed

The petition against the European data retention law closed on Monday 21st of November 2005 at midnight. In order to stay informed about the ongoing efforts of EDRI and XS4ALL in the Data Retention Petition Campaign check the WIKI that holds background information and current news on the project.
Thanks to all of you who gave their name for this petition.

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December 01, 2005

BluePrinting updated

So I finally updated the BluePrinting package. We received many new fingerprints after WhatTheHack! (which was in August), but until now I didn't had time to update. Thanks again to everyone who submited fingerprints. We also updated the documentation a little, we now have a section on how to get the most information out of a device as possible (mostly without physical access).

Also we still mainly have phones and PDAs in the database, it would be nice if we can get more fingerprints of OTHER devices.

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