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November 22, 2005


Marcel and I just got back from a week-long trip to Florida. First, we spoke at a conference on Mobile & Wireless Security in Orlando which was organized by the MIS Training Institute.
Being in Orlando, we visited Disney World where we met (the real) Goofy. The next day, our roadtrip to Miami Beach started. On the way there, we also visited the Kennedy Space Center (located on Cape Caneveral).
In the evening, we arrived in our guesthouse in the famous South Beach area of Miami Beach where we spent three more very enjoyable nights (mostly in bars).
We also used the Nokia 770 to do a little warwalking in the Miami Bayside area.
Check out the pictures in the trifinite.album.

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November 03, 2005

Nokia 770 Tablet PC

Nokia have released the 770 Tablet PC, which is based on Linux and has built-in Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities. As it's running BlueZ, I though we should have a go at porting some of our tools. They have a dedicated developer platform called Maemo, which is based on the Scratchox ARM cross compiler. Maemo initiated an open-source developer program which allowed developers to get devices at a discount. I got mine last week and have started porting. All resulting ports will be published on the Maemo Application Catalog WIKI. So far I've done HeloMoto, BlueZ OBEX tools, cu (part of uucp) and gnokii (command-line only). I've also written a script that automates BlueBug as it's so painful typing in BD_ADDRs on a tablet. Enjoy.

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bluetooth applications

There are two new Linux Bluetooth applications from the trifinite.group, both are not really security related but very useful.

sobexsrv - the scripting (secure) obex server
an obex server with support for plain obex push with put and get and obexftp further it supports Bluetooth security mode-2 (application triggered security) and is fully scriptable, this means server responds can be user controlled, so one can build all kinds of applications based on sobexsrv

btslides - use a bluetooth headset to navigate a slideshow
a simple tool based on Marcel's epox-presenter application, it basically converts the volume keys from any generic bluetooth headset into X11 key events, nothing exciting but handy for those of us who do give a talk everyonce in a while

Both tools are still under development, so feedback is welcome.

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