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October 10, 2005


Right after Prague, I went to Berlin in order to attend the party celebrating the tenth birthday of the german security experts group THC. The party was very nice and everything necessary was in place :)
We also did some sightseeing in Berlin (which is my place of birth by the way) and were having a good time at the Brandenburg gate attending the celebrations for the German reunification.

There would have been quite a big amount of nice pictures that I have taken, but unfortunately my camera was stolen by a group of hitchhiking jerks when I was kind enough to give them a ride in my car (where the camera was). So hopefully the theft-protection bomb will go off when somebody with a fingerprint different from mine is using my (almost new) camera. I cannot believe there is people like this taking advantage of stupid people like me. This is very sad!

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October 06, 2005

How up to date is your English?

If you take the little language quiz on the BBC site, you will find a question about 'bluesnarfing'. Obviously, bluesnarfing was made an official english term (see question #3).
Thanks to Nik Barron for pointing this out.

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