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February 28, 2005


When doing security audits for Bluetooth enabled devices, the setting of the device class is very useful in certain scenarios. Collin has written an application for PalmOS devices that allows to (1) generate a valid Bluetooth Device Class (in order to set it on your BlueZ enhanced Linux system) and (2) to set the device class on your palm (when it has a Bluetooth interface).

At the moment, BTClass is only available for PalmOS devices. Collin also works on a version that runs on WinCE powered PocketPCs. This PocketPC version of BTClass is supposed to be ready soon.

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February 27, 2005


In the second week of February 2005, Adam, Marcel and I went to Vancouver in order to participate an official Bluetooth interoperability test event.

Even though it was supposed to rain in February, we had the nicest weather and blue sky fot the whole week. On the weekend, we went around Vancouver Downtown and Stanley Park. A selection of the pictures I took are already in the trifinite.album.

In Vancouver Downtown, we also experienced the highest Starbucks density we saw so far. There is even crossroads where two starbucks shops face each other. Here is a listing of Starbucks shops in Vancouver (and they don't even list them all). It really seems that Starbucks is a little bit like Microsoft.... sad.

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February 17, 2005

New BlueBug Logo

Yesterday, the new logo of BlueBug got accepted by the Brand Manager of the Bluetooth SIG.

The shape of the bug is based on the common Stinkbug, which is okay, since it is not oval like the original Bluetooth logo :)

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February 10, 2005

New Logos

After the Bluetooth Brand Violation that the Bluetooth SIG objected two months ago, we finally found versions that are no longer similar to the original Bluetooth figure mark.

See the new Blooover Logo, the the new Bluetooone logo, the the new Blueprinting logo and the new BlueSmack logo on the respective pages.

Unfortunately, the objections for the BlueBug Logo have not been sorted out, yet. So hopefully, there will be a new logo soon.

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