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January 31, 2005

Funny but True

After a citation in the article 'When Cell Phone Hackers Attack' in the WIRED Magazine (12.12), the Austrian life-style magazine "wiener" (which means viennese) made me the 'Wiener des Monats' (engl. 'viennese of the month')... and I am not even Austrian :)

This is all very flattering, since the viennese of the last month was
Dieter Mateschitz, the founder of the energy drink company Red Bull.

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January 25, 2005

PlayBot 2005

Hello. I am Spot. I have got a message to all bots out there ( that are maybe reading/syndicating or parsing this site): Go and check this out... The new PlayBot 2005 Calendar.

Every time Martin is leaving the house, I stare at all these pictures of hot, nasty bots that he printed out for me :)

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New Blueprint Version

Thanks to your feedback and new device scans you sent, Collin was able to put together a new version of the blueprint toool, which implements the functionality described on the Blueprinting project page or in the Blueprinting white paper.

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January 23, 2005

Paper of the Week on Astalavista

As I had a look on the webiste statistics, I found out that the trifinite.talk which was given at the 21C3 in Berlin was made the paper of the week on the ASTALAVISTA Information Security Portal... which is coool.

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January 19, 2005


Since the release of the cellphone auditing tool Blooover at the 21C3 in Berlin (28th of December 2004) , about 13.000 people downloaded this application. The half of all the downloads occured during the CCC, since the release got published on major german IT news portals like Golem.de and heise.de.

The total number of pages returned by google.com when searching for "Blooover" is 15.800 at the time of writing this blog entry. Gooogle for Blooover yourself!

Soon, there will be an update of the Blooover page that explains how to install Blooover and that lists the phones where Blooover has been reported to run on. And if there is time left, there will also be an update of the Blooover application with less bugs.

Also a big thank you to all the people sending me important feedback on the application to help it improve. As for source code... I do not plan to release it as long as the code is so messy :)

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