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March 31, 2004

Story on FutureZone

Yesterday, Guntram Geser returned me a corrected version of the 'Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004'-report. This report evaluates a field trial that has been done at the CeBIT Information Technology Fair in Hannover, Germany.

Also yesterday, this report got linked from a story published at futurezone.orf.at which is Austria's most famous IT news portal.

All-in-all it turned out that the load-balancing was not necessary, since only a few readers were interested in the report itself. But maybe the load-balancing is paying off in near future.

Thanks to:
CS & SC at the University of Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg University for Applied Sciences and Technologies
mad's mad realm
Isi's inode homespace
for the donation of webspace that made the distributed hosting of the 'Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004'-report possible.

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March 29, 2004

BlueJackX from blader-software.de

Bluejacking is a bluetooth activity that helps to avoid boring times in public places with high bluetooth-device density (e.g. airport terminals, train stations, conferences). Usually, bluejacking involves a lot of human-device interaction that makes it obvious to eventual "victims". An application from blader-software.de is now automating this bluekjacking-procedure. That is really cool ;)

I already tried it on my Nokia 3650. You may download it as freeware from this location.

Bluejacking is not allowing access to secure portions of the attacked device. It is just very annoying for the victims to receive messages all the time.

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March 24, 2004

Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004

As you know from prior entries in this blog, Salzburg Research together with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies has been represented at the CeBIT 2004 in Hannover (Europe's biggest IT exposition).
For high synergy, I used this location for a Bluesnarfing field trial of which I concluded the results in the document Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004.
For this field trial in total 1269 different bluetooth-enabled phones have been checked upon their vulnerability to the bluetooth SNARF attack, that is described on bluestumbler.org.

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March 15, 2004

CeBIT 2004 and IPS-Workshop 2004

The next week is going to be rather stressy. Salzburg Research and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies will (again) be presented at the CeBIT 2004 in Hannover. Therefore a group of people (including myself) will go to Hannover by car on very early Wednesday.

There, we will decorate our booth which is located in the so-called future parc (where the spirit of tomorrow lives) . Our booth-address is: Hall 11 Booth A 03/1 - this is located very close to the restrooms in this hall. So if you think of "doing business" in Hall 11, then also visit us ;) . Last friday I crafted a life-sized figure of agentsmith that will also be prented at this booth. Hopefully, the transport will not damage this masterpiece.

Four presumably stressy days later, a second group of people from Salzburg will take over the booth on sunday. From Hamburg I am going to fly to Budapest then, where on monday the IPS 2004 workshop takes place. This workshop is co-located with the last official INTERMON-project meeting.

On Wednesday evening I am going to travel back to Salzburg via train. After all this, I will post the highlights of this time on this weblog.

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March 03, 2004

e_day2004 in Salzburg

On Monday (1st March 2004), the e_day2004 took also place in Salzburg. This event is an initiative of the austrian chamber of commerce and takes place every year.

About 150 representants of the local IT industry were present and listened to talks about security. The event was concluded by a panel discussion.

As an invited speaker for this panel discussion I gave a short presentation about WLAN insecurity (you find the slides here). In preperation for this event, I also was asked to provide a more comprehensive text about the things I going to talk about. This text can be downloaded here.

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