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February 27, 2004

IKT Forum 2004

Yesterday, the IKT Forum 2004 took place at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies. Experts from universities and austrian/bavarian companies gave talks on "Security" (the main topic of this event). The talks given at this event were about enterprise security and about wireless insecurity.

I gave a short talk about wardriving, the exploitation of wireless LANs (You find my slides here). During the presentation, I demonstrated the rather new Bluetooth SNARF attack, which is described on bluestumbler.org. Therefore, I modified and adapted a small little program provided by Collin R. Mulliner (thanks ;) and integrated it with other tools into a quick-and-dirty perl-solution that also does HTML-output (for better presentation of the SNARF-results). Affected phones were NOKIA 6310, Sony Ericsson T68 and Sony Ericsson T610. Interesting was that the new firmware of the Sony Ericsson T610 is vulnerable to the SNARF attack, while older versions of the firmware are not vulnerable. :-) (unfortunately, I do not know the version-number)

The highlight of the event was the panel discussion, where politicians and representatives of the industry discussed about security.

The IKT Forum 2004 ended with a relaxed meet-and-greet and good discussions among the people that attended the event.

Posted by Martin Herfurt at 06:35 PM