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October 24, 2003

Salzburg Innovationaward 2003

Yesterday, I attended the Salzburg Innovationaward 2003. This event was located at the unique Hangar-7 building which impresses a lot. Every year Salzburg awards the most innovative industry projects of the area.

Among the nominees were bigger companies as well as smallest and medium-sized companies. Some of the presented innovations were a special method to smoothen rough surfaces for robust materials like carbon (CarboTech). This technology was used to craft the gliding wings of Felix Baumgartner who traversed the British Channel.

Another awardwinning project was the SONY n-CD, which prevents pirates from copying the contents of this CD and which allows customers who bougt this CD to get access to more information which is related to the contents of the n-CD. Each of the n-CDs has a unique identification . This new kind of medium has been developed by Sony DADC in Salzburg/Anif and seems to be pretty tricky.

The location the event was hosted in also has a bar, where the tables you put your drinks on is a kind of touch screen where all the planes of the Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz fly their rounds. Whenever there is a Red-Bull can standing on this surface, all the planes come to this location and "fuel up".
Another noteworthy thing to mention are the toiltets in Hangar-7. All the interior is looking really exclusive. There is an interactive terminal for creating some kind of "toilet-content". First I thought it would be an opportunity to contact persons at the ladies restroom (and vice-versa). If you ever visit Hangar-7, make sure to leave something there ;)

Posted by Martin Herfurt at 04:20 PM